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Around The World In 80 Days - Journey game

Genres: Cartoon, Puzzle, Adventure, Educational, Gem, Jewel, Travel, Match 3 Download our Game Manager app – PlayFree Browser. Here you can easily install and manage all of your free games. PlayFree Browser will be set as your Default Browser. After the PlayFree Browser installation, the game will be installed automatically.
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The novel by Jules Verne has been given a new life in this journey game packed up with thrilling adventures. Accompany Fogg and Passepourtout as they travel Around The World in 80 days, following the route to much extent determined by the plot of the book you've probably loved to read. This journey game offers match 3 levels which are gradually getting more and more complicated; the ultimate challenge is to complete Match 3 levels not only matching but also moving pieces in different directions to make them disappear. To complete the tasks, collect different power-ups, be it hammer, super-hammer or bomb. Every time your journey to a particular country comes to an end your objective is to collect rare stamps as a proof of your being in this or that country. One Match 3 level is equivalent to 1 day of travel (corresponding with the name of the game it is easy to guess how many levels are in store for you). Every landscape is dynamic turning from day to night thus you can see how much time is left for you to finish a level - once a day ends you have no time left to finish a level. And the number of countries you are going to visit is really impressive. You can pause the journey game any time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. No need to highlight that the game offering quality graphics and relaxing music you will undoubtedly appreciate is a real eye candy. As a pleasant bonus you can have any landscape you like as a screensaver. Download full-version game Around The World in 80 Days totally for free right now!